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2023 Presidency: Enugu Youths promise support for behind Peter Obi

2023: Peter Obi reveals top eight priorities if emerges president

Posted: August 8, 2022 at 9:02 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

A coalition of varied youngsters in Enugu state from various political party affiliations has pledged to work, campaign, and vote for Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate, in the 2023 elections.

In a communiqué issued following its leadership and membership meeting in Enugu, the youths under the aegis of Enugu Youths Ambassadors of Peace and Development (EYAPD) stated that Obi, with mathematical accuracy, falls within the bracket and possesses all the attributes they require in the man who will salvage Nigeria, change the narrative, and introduce to us all the values of modern democracy and its dividends.

“This is owing to the obvious fact that HE Peter Obi has always tried to introduce hygiene into Nigerian politics and his records have remained unparalleled,” the group said in its statement, signed by its coordinator, Anthony Okenwa, and Secretary Chidiebere Udeorji.

In endorsing Peter Obi for the president in 2023, the coalition said that the endorsement solely applies to Mr. Peter Obi as a contender and not to the Labour Party.

“It means that we will be working for Peter Obi alone and not for other aspirants under the umbrella of the Labour Party. In taking this decision, we have determined to invest our quality time, energy, and other resources in ensuring that his aspiration, which is now our common project, turns true.” They noted that their resolution to adopt Obi was not influenced by ethnic or religious sentiments but based on credibility and competence. “In other words, we did not settle for Peter Obi because he is an Igbo man or a Christian but because we believe, judging from his leadership antecedents, that he possesses the competence and credibility to deliver Nigeria from the present mess. “The Almighty God will be with us, help us to champion this course for the recovery of our country from agents and mercenaries of lousy leadership, failed and corrupt leaders, and institutionalized probity, accountability, good governance, and quality leadership. “We have therefore resolved to a birth new dawn and change the narrative. We have decided to lead a revolution, without arms and other material weapons, but through intellectual weapons of sensitization and academic debates. This is because we have come to realize that the status quo, which is the prevailing economic situation, political condition, and the security challenges we experience and suffer around us cannot change for the better unless we take action. “So, after analyzing the state of our nation Nigeria, which is in nadir, we have concluded that Nigeria is in dire need of a savior. First, in our search for a possible competent savior, we critically examined the persons of the three major characters who are currently vying for the office of the No. 1 citizen of Nigeria, judging them from their performances as past leaders at the various levels. “And because we do not support recycling of thieves and failures, and being careful to avoid gambling with this last hope, we took quality time to describe the attributes of the type of person we need to save this country from sinking and the qualities he needs to possess to enable him, pilot, the affairs of our dear country which is at the verge of collapsing and navigate Nigeria out through the storms of economic quagmire, political mess, and security nosedive. “We unanimously agreed that Nigeria needs a President with a brain in his head: a creative, productive, responsible, and responsive President who understands and will identify with the needs of the country and its citizens. We need a President with moral content and not a morally bankrupt person. We need a President who will combat corruption sincerely and give security first-class attention. We need an ideal President who is viable and mentally sound,” the group stated.

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