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Why Buhari government failed —Senator Lai’ah

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Senator Danjuma La’ah has explained reasons President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, according to him, failed.

He said that Buhari failed because the people around him Buhari were unable to execute his intentions. 

La’ah represents Kaduna South in the Senate. He spoke during interview with the Punch Newspaper

He said, “I believe that people around Buhari were unable to execute his intentions. Buhari had the zeal, but he couldn’t get his followers to take charge and do what he wanted as a person.

“And that happened because there was no proper feedback or internal monitoring systems in place for him to check from time to time. Even those he trusted with responsibilities couldn’t even checkmate and ensure that things were properly done.

“As a person, no, I don’t blame him. He has the people in mind, and even if he didn’t do it well up to 100 per cent, he should have at least strived to be at least 50 to 60 per cent.

“But he was unable to get credit from people; rather, people have continued to accuse him; the problem was that he lost his sight. He was just at the top but unaware of the things at the bottom.”

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