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Atiku: Kano Rally Proves Tinubu Has Nothing To Offer

Atiku: Kano Rally Proves Tinubu Has Nothing To Offer

Atiku Abubakar

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The Atiku-Okowa-led Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign has said campaign rally embarked upon by the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, in Kano State further exposes the APC candidate’s lack of capacity.

The Special Assistant, Public Communication to Atiku Abubakar, Phrank Shaibu, who stated this in a statement in Abuja, said Tinubu’s Kano outing further proves he has nothing to offer.
Shaibu said after spending so much money to organise a rally in Kano State, the candidate of the APC candidate could not even deliver an inspiring speech to the crowd of supporters who gathered to listen to him speak.
He said, “In a bid to conceal his inability to deliver a coherent speech, the APC candidate said rather than speak, he would dance instead. ‘Today, I have come home to Kano. All I want to do is dance. I want music,‘ he said.
“Unfortunately, Tinubu’s dance moves proved to be as uncoordinated as his unintelligible speech. The people and the gods rejected him.
“But this would not be the first time that he would be doing such. In Bénin on Thursday, It was a mixture of ‘Bala blu’ and concoction as he mumbled: ‘I will turn the so-called Yahoo Boys to experts in manufacturing and creation of chips and datjfgfdfgxfvvf.”
The Atiku Media Aide also recalled that “At the APC rally which was held at the Trade Fair Complex in Minna on December 14, 2022, Tinubu also could not muster the energy to address the crowd that had been waiting for him for over six hours.
“On mounting the podium, the APC candidate shouted, ‘Niger Sai Bagode,’ with a brief response from the crowd. Tinubu thereafter left the venue, a situation that made the Master of Ceremony announce the end of the campaign in Niger State.
“The APC campaign council hurriedly put out a statement, claiming that Tinubu’s inability to address the crowd had nothing to do with ill health but he was rather overwhelmed by the crowd. Bollocks.
“At the APC rally in Ebonyi State where he managed to speak for 20 minutes before a rented crowd, Tinubu spent seven minutes acknowledging governors and chanting, ‘Great Ebonyi, greatest of the greatest’.
“When it was time for him to deliver his speech properly, his mental deficiency was laid bare when he said “electric power is a super highway… they could not even make a down payment for the roasted corn (sic)”, whatever that means.“
He also said, “Similarly at the town hall in Owerri, his weakness was again exposed when he described the town hall as being different from “Balabu, Blu blu, Bulaba. “Clearly, these are warning signs which Nigerians must not ignore as they head to the polls next month.
“If this election were about comedy, then Tinubu would win hands down as his speeches have become an excellent material for Tik Tok, Internet memes and even stand-up comedians but unfortunately this is serious business.“
The PDP campaign spokesman noted that with debt and unemployment at an all-time high, Nigeria has been “infected by the sickness called APC.”
He gave credit to the Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike for aptly likening the APC to “stage four cancer” while he was commissioning the new police headquarters in Rivers State in July 2021.
Shaibu however urged Governor Wike to seek medical attention if he wants to continue to hobnob with the APC against the wishes of his people of Rivers State.
He said, “Already, the so-called strongman of Rivers politics is appearing emaciated by the day as he continues to work for the success of a sick and ‘cancerous’ party.
“It’s not only unpatriotic but tendentiously wicked for Wike to enter a deal to promote a candidate whose mental and physical abilities are suspect.
“His inability to sell Tinubu, a man who is yet to explain his role in the celebrated heroin trafficking case that led to the curious forfeiture of $460,000 to the American government in Rivers State has continued to give him sleepless nights but there is more pain for Wike in the coming days.
“The loud and repeated chants of ‘Atiku’ at the PDP rally organised by Governor Seyi Makinde in Ibadan where all the G5 governors were present should serve as a wakeup call to the rebel governors. The people are clearly not with them.
“For Governor Makinde, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. Nothing can stand in the way of a moving train.”

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