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MASSOB says elections will hold in South-East

MASSOB says elections will hold in South-East

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The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, or MASSOB, stated on Tuesday that the Southeast region must host the general elections in 2023.

After their conference in Enugu state, MASSOB made this proclamation in a statement to newsmen in Owerri, which was signed by the National Director of Information, Comrade Samuel Edeson.

The pro-Biafra organization claimed that among other reasons for its decision, which included realizing the value of political and economic power, was to support the holding of elections in Igboland.

On the day of the election, MASSOB asked those opposed to voting to stay at home and let those who wished to participate cast their ballots.

However, the organization asserted that they are committed to using a non-violent strategy to actualize the sovereign state of Biafra.

MASSOB said, “The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) after our National executive council meeting which was presided by our servant leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu at MASSOB National Secretariat in Awgu,  Enugu state.

“The meeting which was attended by all the state, zonal and LGA coordinators including the  National Directors have unanimously reaffirmed our earlier position on the 2023 general elections.

“MASSOB agreed and declared as follows:- That after more insightful and intensive deliberations on the current affairs of Nigeria state and the future plight of the people of Biafra, MASSOB reaffirmed our primary and vowed goal of actualising Biafra through the principles of non-violence and international diplomacy in collaboration and brotherhood with other progressive pro-Biafra groups. 

“MASSOB, having realised that Biafrans cannot forcefully impose our desirable interest on the people of Nigeria. And also having understood the principles of non-violence, MASSOB unanimously agreed and resolved that Nigeria state will independently and internally be observed and conduct their political exercises including general elections in Igbo land.                                            

“MASSOB in the wisdom of internationally recognized freedom of political participation and exercises, we declared that this year general elections in  Nigeria state will not be stopped or boycotted in Biafra land. The people of the southeast region are free to participate in the electoral processes of Nigeria because our political space must be filled. MASSOB has allowed INEC to conduct elections in Biafra land.    

“MASSOB has agreed to allow INEC to conduct elections in Biafra land for our people that still believe in Nigeria state. MASSOB advised that other pro-Biafra groups that planned to boycott the elections are entitled to stay at home during elections days. Governance is not allowed to breed anarchy and public betrayals.                                                

“Having also realized the importance of political and economical powers and their usefulness for the self-determination of Biafra actualization and restoration, MASSOB declares that Ndigbo will massively participate in  the 2023 presidential and legislatures elections to elect credible, selfless and progressive persons to represent southeast political interest.          

“That the thorough and holistic examination of all candidates for 32senatorial,  House of Representatives and governors in Igbo land including the presidential candidates is still under investigation by MASSOB  to ascertain the most credible, competent, uncorrupt and eloquent candidates irrespective of their political parties for endorsement.                                                            

“That Nigeria elections will come and go irrespective of whoever wins in both national and state elections. That MASSOB must continue with Biafra projects of actualization irrespective of both internal and external distractions.”

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