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Rob Kenney of “Dad, How Do I?” talks with Caracal Reports about the courage to be a cool Dad


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Third, in the Activists for Change – Caracal Reports series, Meagan Moyle sits down with Rob Kenney, the creator, and host of the viral YouTube channel “Dad, How Do I?” which currently has 3.5 million subscribers and counting. Inspired by his own turbulent childhood experiences and with a nudge from his daughter, he never could have imagined the popularity his content would receive. His channel features DIY videos as well as parental, motivational messages peppered with not just any jokes, you guessed it, dad jokes. While he shies away from being called the “Internet’s Dad”, his wholesome and loving messages of support have tugged at the heartstrings of viewers from all over the world. 
His influence extends further than his videos. Upcoming and current projects include his memoir/part inspiration/part DIY book, “Dad, How Do I?: Practical “Dadvice” for Everyday Tasks and Successful Living”, a possible TV show, and brand-friendly endorsements. So, keep a lookout as it seems he has no plans for slowing down. 
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