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Florida GOP Christian Ziegler Denies Rape Allegations Amid Ironic Three-Way Affair Scandal: Latest Updates

Christian Ziegler

Christian Ziegler

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In an email addressed to key Republican figures in Florida, Christian Ziegler, the states’s GOP chairman, portrays himself as the target of an active rape investigation fueled by information leaks that were intensified by “leftist online” activities.

A search warrant from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office confirmed an ongoing sexual relationship between the Republican power couple Christian Ziegler and his wife, Bridget, and an undisclosed victim who had been acquainted with the couple for two decades. 

While the GOP chairman remains uncharged, an ongoing investigation led to a police affidavit requesting access to his Google accounts. Even with a comprehensive affidavit and his admission of uploading a video of the sexual encounter, Ziegler maintains that the accusation is politically motivated. Despite his attorney’s assurance of exoneration, Governor Ron DeSantis and other prominent Florida officials have urged Ziegler to resign from his role as Florida Republican Party Chair.

The Republican chairman responded to the ongoing investigation in an email addressed to “Team FloridaGOP”. “My family is rock solid,” Ziegler wrote.  “My wife is behind me 150%, and we have methods in place to protect our children, just as we have with all previous attacks that we have faced in the past”.

What adds another layer of irony to this puzzle is Bridget Ziegler, Christian’s wife, and co-founder of the right-wing Moms for Liberty, a group that played a significant role in advancing Governor DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” agenda. Currently, Bridget does not face any charges amidst the ongoing criminal investigation. Together, Christian and Bridget Zieglas share three daughters. 

The Criminal Investigation

During the first week of October, an undisclosed female victim reported that she had been sexually assaulted by Christian Ziegler in her apartment on October 2nd. Having known each other for the last twenty years, they mutually agreed to engage in a three-way sexual encounter that would involve Bridget Ziegler. This would not be the group’s first occurrence, as Bridget confirmed the three had been involved sexually prior to this incident. The victim’s account described the initial issue that arose when she discovered Bridget would not be participating, prompting the victim to cancel the arrangement. The victim responded to Ziegler’s explanation of his wife’s absence, stating, “Sorry, I was mostly in it for her,” referring to Bridget. The document claims this did not deter Christian, as he allegedly stated, ‘I’m leaving the same way I came in”. Security footage revealed Ziegler entering and leaving the victim’s apartment complex on October 2nd. 

A friend of the victim contacted emergency responders to conduct a wellness check, expressing concern that she had “not made it into work” for the past two days after she was raped, according to recorded 911 call obtained by the Florida Trident.  

The two communicated through Instagram’s direct message platform, utilizing the vanish mode feature. During the investigation, law enforcement utilized the victim’s profile to respond to Ziegler’s messages and recorded audio calls between the two. When the victim accused Ziegler of sexually assaulting her, he responded “Those are big words, please don’t, no I didn’t. You invited me in, that’s it. I did not at all, and I never want you to feel that way”. He then asked the victim if he may provide any sort of “financial help.” 

The Republican chairman continues to assert that the event was consensual. In a police interview, he informed investigators that he had recorded the encounter.

“Christian mentioned that he initially deleted the video, but following the allegation, he uploaded the video to his Google Drive. However, we have not been able to locate it during a digital extraction,” stated the police in the affidavit.

What Lies Ahead for Christian Ziegler 

Governor Ron DeSantis, alongside Republican leaders such as Florida House Speaker Paul Renner and Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, has urged Ziegler to resign. DeSantis emphasized the need for Ziegler to step aside, stating, “I don’t see how we can continue with that investigation ongoing, given the gravity of those situations. I think he should tend to that.”

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